Salesforce implementation

Before jumping into the implementation phase, we have an intake meeting to discover what you would like to achieve. After the intake meeting we sit down with a few super users or stakeholders for a detailed analysis. Once we have gathered the required information we propose a project timeline which includes the project milestones and deliverables.


Cloud Innovation can help you with the implementation of:


Sales Cloud

World's #1 CRM solution.

Sales Cloud is the CRM and Sales module of Salesforce. This is where you manage all your Contacts, Accounts, Leads and Opportunities, no matter where you are.

You can close more deals, increase productivity, generate more leads and take smarter decisions thanks to newly acquired insights.



Service Cloud

Fully customizable support and help desk

This customer service software allows you to build a faster and smarter customer support. You can help your customers through an array of different channels and you will be more agile in solving open cases.



Marketing Cloud

Digital marketing platform

The Marketing Cloud platform helps you to embark your customer on a personalized customer journey. This 1-1 journey provides you new customer insights and allows you to deliver the right content to the right contact at the right time across different channels (email, web, social).




Pardot helps you generate leads by using powerful marketing tools for email. This kind of marketing automation generates qualified leads to increase productivity between Marketing and Sales. 



Community Cloud

Connect customers, partners and employees

Provide an interactive community for your partners and resellers where they can share direct feedback and their enthusiasm for your brand and product.



Analytics Cloud

Business analytics on any data, any device

Create reports and dashboards you need to make the right decisions. Get a realtime status of your company to adjust accordingly.