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Real Estate 360 is a powerful Salesforce-based Cloud app which is designed specifically for real estate developers. It has an easy-to-use interface that facilitates the management of any real estate developer’s portfolio including commercial, residential and mixed portfolios. Real Estate 360 allows you to manage all aspects of your property portfolio, from planning, to building, to selling, to delivery.


Managing and maintaining real estate development

  • View your project KPIs anytime, anywhere
  • Track project documents
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Manage all of the income and cost elements of a development
  • Integrate with your accounting software
Real estate reports

Benefits for your company

  • Significant efficiency savings
  • Tight control of real estate income and expenditures
  • Reduce time lost
  • Access a wide range of project summaries and status information
  • Visualize your development process

Get in touch with your stakeholders

To improve customer service, a complete range of tools is available to share status updates of the projects with buyers and provide access to any invoices they might have. A user friendly - and company branded - Customer Community is created. Furthermore, a partner community is available to improve the collaboration between business partners.

Real estate community

Tailored to your needs

RealEstate360 can be setup in accordance to your own preferences and company specific needs.

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Cloud Innovation provided us with a solution for the business requirements put forward by ION and proved to be a solid IT-implementation partner throughout the process and timely delivered a high quality solution within budget.

- Bert Viaene, CFO

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