After my first weeks as a Cloudblazer, they have asked me to write a blogpost about my first experience at Cloud Innovation. I saw this as an opportunity to tell you how challenging but at the same time pleasing, working for a company as Cloud Innovation is. In the morning I get up with a big excited smile to get to work for a company where you have the possibility to make a difference. 

Since the end of June I am employed at Cloud Innovation as a Technical Consultant. At the time, when I was finishing my internship at a different IT company, I got to know Cloud Innovation and immediately got interested in a job offer. Therefore I was able to directly start working at Cloud Innovation after obtaining my bachelor degree Applied Informatics.


Your first day at the office was the 24th of June 2019. How did this day go and what did you do?

Your first day is always a struggle to get know where everything is and how the internal processes go. Lately, Cloud Innovation is growing very fast and they were able to develop a supporting system for new onboarding employees. 

To be specific, my first day was filled with setting up several GSuite applications, the internal Salesforce system and the tools of MeetDistrict, the business complex where Cloud Innovation is seated. For the next two weeks, I have spent most of my time getting to know Salesforce with all his different products and features by using their online learning platform Trailhead. In a playful way, this platform makes it easy to work at your own pace and get to know Salesforce.  


You are now a Cloudblazer, but how did the integration with our team go? 

The integration went very smoothly. It is striking that the team is well connected and that attention is paid to getting to know new colleagues. In addition, everyone is enormously helpful, so that during the first few weeks, and still today, I could ask questions. You come into contact with your colleagues at the office almost daily, so it is certainly a plus to get off to a good start.

It immediately became clear that there were colleagues with shared interests such as music and hobbies. In my first week I was also able to attend my first corporate event, namely our start of summer BBQ. This immediately ensured that my integration into the group pushed in the right direction.


After a short run-in period you are immediately deployed on a number of our projects. What was the first project you were allowed to work on and what was your role in it?

The first project where I was part of the project team was Grondbank. Initially I was engaged for the starting configuration and the development of standard functionalities. After a while I became responsible for the development of larger new components and a large part of the current support also fell on my shoulders.

Because of the size of the project, I was completely immersed in Salesforce and this clearly paid off. I was immediately involved in the follow-up project of Walterre, the Walloon counterpart of Grondbank.


What was the most challenging task you have received so far?

The biggest challenge remains to work on the Grondbank project. The main contact person at Grondbank was mainly absent during the holiday period. During this period I learned a great deal on the functional and technical level and to develop my communication skills. You can say that these two weeks can be considered as my "baptism" at Cloud Innovation.


When you start a new adventure you create a number of expectations. What expectations did you have and to what extent did Cloud Innovation fulfill them?

The greatest expectation was certainly that Cloud Innovation would be a company with a homely and family atmosphere. I am excited to say that those expectations have been surpassed twice as well. I am aware that you will not encounter this in every company.

During the initial contact with Dimitri, CTO the focus on ownership clearly emerged. Cloud Innovation was presented as a company where starters with little experience can take responsibility themselves and where your opinion is listened to. This expectation was also met by Cloud Innovation. It was not long before I was allowed to take charge of projects and thus improve existing standards at a client's site.


What are your ambitions at Cloud Innovation?

It has always been my goal to grow wider than just as a technical consultant. With skills such as leadership, determination and giving presentations, I like to see myself grow into a management or pre-sales role. But we start from the beginning and I try to delve deeper into the Salesforce products in order to become an expert. As a Cloudblazer, I have certainly already had the opportunity to bet on these ambitions. Good ideas and active thinking about possibilities are appreciated by everyone.


After completing these first weeks at Cloud Innovation, what was the biggest surprise so far?

This is a difficult question, but I would say it certainly surprised me in a positive way how comfortable I feel in the office and in the group. Everything can be talked about and people are involved with each other. Within Cloud Innovation there is certainly room for personal input in all areas. If you have a suggestion or idea, you can immediately go to the right person and make a proposal.


By answering these questions I realise these weeks have been challenging but so much fun. I am looking forward to what Cloud Innovation will have in store for me in the future!