One of the great advantages of Salesforce is the large amount of information that is available on the web. Google “Salesforce” and you'll be fine for a few days. 

To structure all the information, Salesforce launched the Salesforce online community more than a decade ago. From its launch in 2006, it was clear that the online community would boost Salesforce's growth.

(Salesforce Community in 2006)

What started with a blog, a tips and tricks section and a forum has grown into a mature portal site with Online Training, User & Chatter Groups, Videos and Event calendar and much more. In 2021, the community got a complete redesign and the different tools found a new home on one and the same platform: Trailhead. Let me get more into detail.

Navigate to the Salesforce community via

Already have a Salesforce login or Trailhead account? You can easily log in via the “Log In” button. 

New to the community and to Salesforce? Register for a Trailhead account via “Sign Up”. After logging in or registering, you will arrive at your Trailhead Today page.

The Today page contains the most important information relevant to you, a combination of Trailhead badges and community messages. 

The navigation is divided into different topics. In this blog I discuss Learn, Credentials and Community functionalities.

1. Learn

When you think about learning in the Salesforce world, you automatically think about Trailhead, the groundbreaking e-learning tool from Salesforce. Free and available anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

Start your day with an extensive trail, follow a specific module, or watch one of many how-to videos via Trailhead Live. Challenge your knowledge with the assessments you find while completing a learning topic. The quizzes and hands-on exercises are the best way to prove your newfound expertise. And best of all, it’s FUN! 

2. Credentials

Do you already have extensive Salesforce knowledge? Do you wear your Salesforce super-user cape every day? Prove your knowledge with a Salesforce Superbadge or a coveted Salesforce Certificate.  

Did you know that Salesforce creates their own Trails with various relevant Modules in order to prepare yourself for a Certificate? Talk about practicing what you preach?!

3. Community

Sharing knowledge is very powerful, some even claim it’s the key to success. It not only helps you grow, but also the entire Salesforce community with you. Welcome to the community pages.

The feed shows you all the information about your activities in the Salesforce community. You'll see the latest posts from the groups you're a member of and get personalized suggestions for other groups. 

The "Groups link" in the Community tab takes you to the home page of the Salesforce groups. 

Use the filters or search functionality to select a group that would interest you.

Open the group and start your discovery. Does the content look interesting to you? Join the group to keep up to date with the latest posts and actively participate in the conversation. Ask questions or give answers to your fellow Salesforce users.

Didn't find a group that fulfills your needs? Why not start your own Group in a few clicks. From the Group page, you can create your own via  “New Group”.

Last but not least, you’ll find the Events page. There's no better way to share experiences than by connecting with other users. Via the Events page you will find an overview of all events, online and in-person, worldwide but also the local ones. Think about an inspiring lunch meeting on one of your favorite Salesforce topics.

4. Mobile

As you can expect from Salesforce, mobile accessibility is at the top of the priority list. For the community, they went one step further and launched   Trailhead Go app in 2020. A dedicated app to access your favorite community functionalities on the go. Download it today and get started wherever you are. Available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Good luck exploring all that the Salesforce online community has to offer!
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