From the start of Cloud Innovation in 2012, we have fully embraced Salesforce because of its limitless capabilities for our customers. And as we practice what we preach, and as true trailblazers, we do manage our own business as well on the Salesforce platform. Not only leveraging the CRM solution, but also building and using custom solutions for our project management, time registration and our invoicing. Unfortunately, like many of our customers, we still had quite some spreadsheets living in the organisation, mainly for resource planning. 

What was our own challenge?

  • There is a disconnect between planning (in spreadsheets) and actuals (in Salesforce)
  • There is no single source of truth as many versions of a spreadsheet exist after a while
  • The spreadsheets are not robust. Especially with many users, formulas and lay-out get easily broken.
  • Our custom built project management solution required quite some maintenance and effort with the rapid business growth

It was clear that, to support our growth ambitions, we needed a better and unified system to manage professional services engagements. We looked for the missing piece to organise all our processes in an end-to-end way on the Salesforce platform.

The missing link in the chain

Enter FinancialForce PSA (Professional Services Automation), a cloud application that is natively built on the Salesforce Platform. PSA Cloud allows companies to manage resources, projects, and financials in the same application as any other customer engagement. This enables us to manage our complete customer lifecycle on one single platform:

  • Opportunities are seamlessly converted into projects and handed over from sales to delivery teams.
  • Invoices are generated with minimal manual intervention based on milestones and timesheets. The required effort for invoicing was reduced from 2 days before the implementation to just 1 hour afterwards.
  • And our operations team has a clear view on the resource planning, requests for resources and extensive reporting such as
    • Estimates vs actuals
    • Utilisation calculations
    • Planning accuracy

At Cloud Innovation, we are now fully empowered to manage our operations more effectively. Because of a real time view on projects and resource planning, and a link between the planning and actuals, we now organise our services in a pro-active, data and fact based way. Thanks to FinancialForce PSA, Cloud Innovation has the right foundation in place to support the business and growth in the years ahead.

Resource Planner

Our FinancialForce Practice

Following our successful internal implementation we have decided to launch a dedicated FinancialForce practice to deliver PSA and ERP projects to also allow our customers to benefit from the advantages of working with a single platform. A dedicated practice also allows to assign specialised consultants with a tailor made project approach. Curious to learn more about how we can help your organisation? Let's talk or stay tuned for more blogs.

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