Hi, my name is Jasper and I had the opportunity to intern at a dedicated Salesforce partner. Let’s find out how it went!

As a final qualification to complete my study Applied Computer Science every student at Howest Bruges had to apply for an internship at an IT related company. 

The search to find a fitting company was quite challenging for many students. Luckily for me, about a year ago, Cloud Innovation held a presentation for our field of study and gave us a comprehensive look into the world of Customer Relationship Management and Salesforce. This presentation quickly captured my interest. Later that year I visited a job fair in Courtrai where Cloud Innovation had an information booth. An ideal moment to talk about a possible internship. Fast forward a few months later and here I am writing this blog about my experience as an intern at Cloud Innovation.

Intern like a boss

The first day of my internship had arrived and I was immediately welcomed by everyone and received a tour around the office.

The first two weeks I received an internal training, mainly focused on the Salesforce Trailhead platform. This is the online learning platform that covers nearly every element about Salesforce. An internal custom Trailmix was made to put new employees or interns right on track. An onboarding document was also available to learn about the company’s culture, practical information and best practices. This document was very useful and served as a certain foundation for starters.

Cloud Innovation is located at a business center, called MeetDistrict Ghent. The first time I arrived at the Meetdistrict, I was amazed by how open and modern it felt. Not many businesses have the opportunity to have offices in such a place. Definitely a clear contrast compared to when I had to go to college every day.

Einstein Analytics, Business Intelligence for all

During my internship I mostly got to work on projects that involved Einstein Analytics, the Salesforce business intelligence tool. It was introduced to me by Nathan Slabinck who helped me cover the basics about the platform. He has put me on the right track towards delivering my first Einstein Analytics solution. The projects, such as refining distribution dashboards and setting up new KPI dashboards gave me the opportunity to work with real life company data, along with direct communication with the customer.

The corporate world is continuously looking to improve their existing business by collecting data. Business intelligence has never been more relevant than now. Einstein Analytics allows organizations to explore and discover important data insights to improve their business. Therefore, I’mm very pleased that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Einstein Analytics. What an amazing tool indeed!


The best part about my internship was the amazing atmosphere at Cloud Innovation. Whenever I encountered a problem, everybody was always prepared to spare a moment of their time to help me out.

On my last day a Christmas party was organized where all colleagues went out for dinner and couple of drinks afterwards. This was truely a great way to end my internship at Cloud Innovation.

Over the course of my internship, I have learned many new things about the Salesforce platform and the business world. Something that will definitely come in handy during my future career. So let me finish this by thanking all the wonderful people at Cloud Innovation. 

For anyone reading this post, wondering about interning yourself, don’t hesitate to apply!


Are you interested in applying for an internship at Cloud Innovation? Send your application via email to jobs@cloudinnovation.be. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!