At Cloud Innovation, we are constantly trying to innovate and follow the latest Salesforce standards and trends. Recently, we have updated our own internal way of contract management and would love to give you a look into what we’ve done. 

This blog post will show you how to manage your documents and contracts from A to Z without ever leaving Salesforce. We’ll show you an easy way to generate your PDF documents and send them out for online signature all from within everyone’s favorite CRM tool, Salesforce. We’ve partnered up with PDF Butler and would love to show you the value their products can bring.

Who is PDF Butler?

PDF Butler is a Belgian SaaS company focussed on Salesforce Document Generation. Their product suite consists of the following products:

  • PDF Butler
  • Bulk Butler
  • Sign Butler
  • Collaboration Butler
  • Form Butler

All of these apps are natively integrated with Salesforce and are available through the AppExchange (which means that they are checked by Salesforce).

Traditional Document/Contract Process

Imagine that you need to create a standard document (let’s say an NDA), for one of your customers, you probably need to run through the below steps to get the NDA created and signed: 

  • First, you have to find the most recent NDA template on the shared drive. You may find different versions (with the same datestamp) of the English version, which makes you doubt what the most recent version is.
  • Once you found the template, you have to export it and fill in all the fields to make the document applicable to your customer. Typically this will be information you’ll find in Salesforce: Contact and Account information.
  • Whenever the doc is ready, you send it out for signature. Some people will print out the document, sign it, scan it back in and send it back for counter signature. Others will add their signature through a PDF tool they are using. If you’re using a digital signature tool already (like DocuSign or AdobeSign), you have to upload your document to that system first, before you can send it out.
  • If redlines come back or you sent out an outdated version, you have to go back to step 1 or 2.
  • Once the document has been signed by all stakeholders, you can file it on the correct folder on your shared drive (eg. Google Drive or Sharepoint).

As you probably agree, this process can be a hassle.

The PDF Butler products that we mentioned above can make this whole document process so much easier. With just a couple of clicks, your document will be generated in the correct language, can be sent out to the correct signers and can be stored on your share drive automatically when the document is ready to be filed. 

PDF Butler

The first step in automating this document process is configuring PDF Butler in your Salesforce org. It allows you to generate PDF, Word and Excel documents with data from your Salesforce Org in seconds. You can simply design your documents in Word, then upload them and configure the logic in PDF Butler, and all is done. The system allows you to generate your documents in different languages, add your branding to your templates and pull information from the record in Salesforce you are generating the document from, plus any information from related records. The possibilities are literally endless as you can also include related lists (interesting when generating quotes with Opportunity Line Items for example.) After your template is created, it is very easy to implement changes.

In the above example we wanted to create an NDA template. Here is what we need to do today to generate an NDA document. After someone creates the Contract record in Salesforce, with one click on a button, he/she can create the NDA document which pulls information from the Contract record itself, but also includes information from related records (Contacts, Accounts, etc). 

After you created the Contract record in Salesforce, you can generate your document with just 1 click.


PDF Butler allows you to generate PDF, Word and Excel files.

We use this feature to generate a multitude of different document types, but the below documents are most likely the ones that you will be interested in:

  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Bills
  • Pay Slips
  • Certificates

Bulk Butler

Bulk Butler is a similar product that offers you the same features as PDF Butler but allows you to process a big amount of records.  This tool is not applicable to the NDA document that we created, but might be handy if you have to create Word or PDF reports with a lot of data. With a BULK Butler license you can also do automatic document generation (without user intervention).

We used this solution for one of our customers which allowed them to generate reports of 75+ pages, where 10 000 + Salesforce records were processed, filtered and inserted into the report.

Sign Butler

Once you’ve generated the document, you need to send it out for signature. We decided to work with PDF Butler’s Sign Butler solution, but the system also integrates with DocuSign and AdobeSign. If you are still doubting an digital signature tool, below are the benefits when choosing for such solution:

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Cost
  • Remote Access And Improved User Convenience
  • Verifiable Signature And Signatory
  • Legally Recognised
  • Privacy Concerns Addressed
  • Simple Signature Verification
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Salesforce Native

SIGN Butler meets the most rigorous security industry certification standards & uses the strongest commercially available data encryption technologies available.

The cool thing with PDF Butler’s solution is that you can send out documents for signature straight from Salesforce. After you install Sign Butler in your Salesforce org, you simply have to add the Lightning Component to the Lightning Page. All of the features are also available on mobile devices.

Sign Butler will send out emails based on the language of the recipients that you add to your Salesforce record. 

You can also add your personal branding to the email templates as shown in the example below.

You can let Sign Butler manage the status of your Contract. By adding automation rules Salesforce will show you the correct status at any point in time, which makes it easy to flag Contracts that don’t get signed. Sign Butler also allows you to configure automatic email reminders when the document doesn’t get signed. 


Collaboration Butler

When you’re using Sharepoint or Google Drive, Collaboration butler might be the cherry on top of the cake to finalize this whole process. You can automatically store documents you generate or documents that have been signed by all stakeholders to the correct folder on Sharepoint or Google Drive. Simply configure the folder (on Sharepoint or Google Drive) you want to store a specific object’s files to and configure a naming convention for the folders you create (based on Salesforce fields) and all is done. Collaboration butler is a 2-way Salesforce to SharePoint/Google Drive integration. The integration will take the permissions that were given in both systems into account.

This integration gives you the ability to navigate to the correct folder with one click right from Salesforce, but will also show you which documents are currently in the folder for the record you are currently looking at.


Form Butler

We’ll cover the ins and outs of Form Butler in a separate, dedicated blogpost soon. 


Many people agree that contract management can be a big hassle. Here at Cloud Innovation, we’ve partnered with PDF Butler and now it takes us 2 clicks in Salesforce to generate a document and send it out for signature. Automation will put the Contract in the correct stage of the lifecycle and will automatically store it to the correct folder in Google Drive once it’s signed by all signers.