We all notice, the days are getting shorter which means autumn and winter are coming. What a strange summer it was with the global pandemic! Hope all of you are safe? The Salesforce developers worked around the clock to provide us with many useful new features, packed in the Winter '21 Release. I’ll share my top 5 with you.


1. Salesforce Anywhere

The global pandemic has made remote working the standard within many teams. Collaboration is key to make your remote teams successful. Thanks to Salesforce Anywhere and its customizable notifications you stay up to date with the most important deals and records. Another handy feature is the live chat, which allows you to discuss your most important deals with your colleagues. A spin-off product, Sales Anywhere is still in development but will soon become a cornerstone of your Salesforce follow up processes. 

(Salesforce Anywhere is currently in beta stage where you can sign up for your Org to be enabled)


2. Interactive Email Builder

Do you love those Salesforce Email templates as much as I do? Impossible to count all the hours I saved thanks to those handy templates full of merge fields and pre-defined text. I use them to follow up on prospects, birthdays, and deals. With the new interactive builder, you can customize the look and fill by drag and drop. Note: Lightning Interface is required. Does not work in Classic. Yet another great reason to get on that Lightning train!

(General Available in Winter ‘21)


3. Auto-add custom fields to Custom Reports

Hey Admin, are you ready for this groundbreaking feature? Remember those days where you had to manually add a newly created custom field to all your custom report types? Those days are over! Thanks to 1 simple checkbox Salesforce will automatically add a newly created custom field to all the applicable custom report types. Time saver!

(feature in beta)


4. Flows just got better.

Salesforce Flows? Salesforce What? With Salesforce Flows you can automate business processes both for internal and external users (Community). Contact us to get an introduction! Already had your first dive into the wonderful world of Flows? You will love the “Autolayout” feature. It will unclutter your design and makes designing flows more user friendly.

(feature in beta)

5. Dynamic Forms & Actions

No this is not a copy-paste mistake from my latest release blog post. This feature is such a huge improvement that it’s worth mentioning twice. From the Winter ‘21 release onwards, this feature is no longer in beta and becomes General Available. With Dynamic Forms and Actions you can customize your Lightning Page layout to the next level. Need some inspiration? 

  • “Having a field appear based on a value in any other field?” 
  • ”Show only an action when it’s relevant?”

Two perfect use cases for Dynamic Forms and Actions. However, beware: With these powerful customization tools, making sure your Org remains easy to maintain can become challenging. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will help you out.

This was just a small selection of the wide range of new features. Check the release notes to learn more about the Winter ‘21 release for your Salesforce org or contact us.

 Read the Winter '21 Release Notes here.