Keep calm, I’m about to take you through the start of my Cloud Innovation story! But first something about myself, I am still a rookie in this working world. In june 2020 I graduated as a Master in Business Economics with a major in Corporate Finance (Yes in times of corona, so no proclamation party, but Hi I am still safe and sound). Although it is expected that by the end of your master you know how you want to kickstart your professional career, I was still in complete doubt. After a short initial work experience and an intense job search afterwards, I had finally found what I wanted to do. I was interested in working in the most innovative and forward-thinking sector out there, the IT sector, and I was looking for a combination of business and technology. A little later I found my 'Match made in heaven', becoming a Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Innovation. A challenging, promising journey that is going extremely well so far. 


You already work at Cloud Innovation for several weeks now, but you must have met us somewhere for the first time. When and where did you get a first glimpse of Cloud Innovation? 

As a student I had a course 'Strategic Management’, where companies from MeetDistrict gave us assignments about strategic business processes. Cloud Innovation was one of those companies and they have always stuck with me. They had a great, energetic and youthful atmosphere and the employees were very friendly. In October I applied spontaneously but at that time there were no open positions that fit my profile. One month later our HR manager Daphne called to tell me that a position had become available and if I would be interested in applying. The job description looked very appealing and also the location in the MeetDistrict was breathtakingly beautiful. Right after the first job interview I said: 'That's It'!

Your first day at the office was the 4th of January 2021. How did this day go and what did you do? 

When my alarm went off on the 4th of January, I had only one feeling: FINALLY. I had been sitting at home for several months and so, due to the well-known Corona crisis, my days were pretty boring. I was more than looking forward to start working at Cloud Innovation. On the first day we started with going through an onboarding document which ensured that I had all the necessary basic knowledge about how Cloud Innovation works. All the needed working materials were also directly provided. On top of that, I was assigned a team lead, Alexander, who to this day still assists me daily with all my questions and has already played an important role during my first month. So a big ‘Shout out’ to the team for managing the onboarding in such an organized and clear way. 

You are now a Cloudblazer, but how did the integration with our team go? 

Unfortunately, I have not yet met all of my colleagues in person, but Cloud Innovation is doing everything it can so that I can still get to know all of the employees in a safe way. There is a weekly online lunch break in small groups where I get to meet some of my colleagues on a more personal level and there is also a weekly online team meeting. Within Cloud Innovation there is a very open atmosphere, everyone has welcomed me with open arms and I feel more and more integrated in the group. The fact that the IT sector is still largely a man's world means that you have to listen to the typical man jokes :). But this also creates a relaxed and pleasant working environment. Of course I'm looking forward to the first team building to get to know all my colleagues better, but first we have to get rid of that damn virus...

After a short onboarding period, you were immediately part of some of our projects. But what was the first project you worked on and what was your role in the project team? 

Yes that's right, in fact I was involved in setting up Sales Cloud at Mercedes-Benz Benelux from week one. That way I was able to jump right in and experience the full project process. Floris is the project manager, and although I had very little knowledge and experience myself, he supported me in everything and also motivated me to lead meetings and take on responsibilities. For the time being, we have finished the analysis phase, a phase that was very interesting for me and one in which I learned a lot. I am now looking forward to being hands-on with the set-up of Sales Cloud and seeing the result integrated at Mercedes. 

Until now, what was the most challenging task you needed to execute?

If you have just graduated, you have a backpack full of theoretical knowledge, but still lack a lot of practical experience including communication skills. When I had to lead the first meetings, it was sometimes difficult for me to find the right words, because you aren't 100% sure what you're talking about and you're sitting together with people who are a lot more experienced and older than you are. I found that very challenging, and I can still improve a lot, but I really enjoy doing it.

At the start of a new adventure, you mostly create some expectations. What did you expect at the beginning and to what extent did Cloud Innovation contribute to these expectations?

My first work experience was not completely what I expected, so this time I had promised myself to start this new adventure with full motivation and without too many expectations. When it comes to things that make me feel good at work then the most important thing for me is that I am respected at work, that people also understand that you are still a rookie and are open to answering questions, that you are guided in the beginning, but also that you sometimes get a push to do things independently. When I was looking for a job, these were things I had in mind. Now I can honestly tell you that all these values are more than fulfilled at Cloud Innovation (I know it's a bit corny, but I think this really deserves to be said). I feel very good at Cloud Innovation, I receive excellent support and I can go to anyone with questions. The atmosphere in the workplace is also even better than expected, there is a strong work hard, play hard mentality and I love that!  

What are your ambitions at Cloud Innovation? 

I have always been very ambitious, but I also keep my feet on the ground. At Cloud Innovation I have now started as a Salesforce consultant and I love the job and the fact that a bunch of different opportunities will come my way. My short term goal is to become a certified consultant and to continue my development in Salesforce. I hope I can add value to the company, that I can provide useful input during meetings and become an experienced consultant. In the future, I hope that one day I will be able to become a project manager. I can't wait to lead my own project from start to finish! Of course I still have a lot to learn, but I'm looking forward to a long career at Cloud Innovation and to many growth opportunities. 

After these several weeks working at Cloud Innovation, what was the biggest surprise so far? 

The team at Cloud Innovation consists of all different personalities, each with a unique character, and yet that team hangs together very strongly. Everyone has found something they are good at and when a question comes up about that aspect everyone also knows which of their colleagues to contact. I think it's very nice to see that the focus is on what the employees can do well instead of what they can do less well. That's more of a surprise to me because somewhere I had expected that functional consultants know everything about the functional side and the technical consultants know everything about the technical side and that there is no difference in that. But on the contrary, one developer knows more about ‘Flows’ and another knows more about something else. On top of that, Knowledge Sharing Days are organized at various times where several colleagues share their knowledge about a number of functionalities in Salesforce or where specific customer stories are explained. This ensures that there is a strong knowledge transfer and I find that very fascinating.


I think it’s clear that my story at Cloud Innovation got off to a fantastic start and I can’t shut up about how much I love it here. Be prepared, the next chapter of this story will be posted in a few months/years/…!