Times where it was possible for companies to deliver just great products or services and be successful are long gone.

Nowadays, both B2C and B2B companies have to deliver great experiences in order to be truly successful and achieve continuous growth. A silo approach where Sales, Service and Marketing departments have their own responsibilities and targets is equally outdated and does not provide the necessary support for delivering great customer experience. Nor should you consider to organize these departments and their business processes in a linear way, such as the following activities:

  • Marketing is responsible to capture and nurture leads which are passed to Sales
  • Sales qualifies and converts leads and tries to close opportunities
  • Once the deal is done, Service offers customer support

Don’t get me wrong here, these activities are not wrong. On the contrary, these are all very important and necessary. Nevertheless, none of the activities above should be your start point or end goal in your delivery process towards great customer experience.  
Therefore, try to look at it in a circular way:

  • Customer Service is often your department which has the most contact with your customers, so they may be the first one to spot new sales opportunities which they can pass on to their sales colleagues.
  • Marketing can provide useful insights on customer interactions which can provide an edge during the sales process. 
  • And so many more interactions and cross department collaboration can provide extra value.

In this way, every department contributes to the customer experience. This will generate a lot of business from your existing customer base, a lot of new business if your marketing is working well, and most importantly in the end your existing customers can also become ambassadors of your company which will also attract new business. 
You can look at it as a flywheel fueled by value creation in all your departments which results in a momentum of continuous growth and great customer experience. 

How Cloud Innovation can help you to get your own flywheel rolling? First of all, your company should have the correct tools which must enable the following:

  • Customer focus & efficiency
  • Information availability & sharing
  • A seamless experience for your customer across all interactions

The Salesforce platform is your go-to tool to set your organization already in the right direction, it will provide you a 360 view on your customers and will allow you to manage all customer related interactions on the same platform. In addition to the Salesforce implementation, Cloud Innovation can help you with the design of the correct business process based on their best practices and experiences in various industries. And eventually, after the implementation by providing training and guidance in order to achieve true customer success.

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