A lot of our customers process company data. One aspect of such data is the VAT number. This is a unique number that identifies a legal entity.

To keep the data of our customers clean and consistent we have developed a VAT validation managed package in Salesforce. With this package your users will always input correct VAT numbers.

Not only that, we provide extensive company information provided by the free VIES web service or a paid service called CompanyWeb. While VIES provides basic data like name and address, CompanyWeb provides an insight into multiple key factors of a company like survivability, creditworthiness, stability, and more.

Later on I will explain more in-depth what exactly these services contain and how they can benefit you.


Our managed packages covers more than a simple VAT number validation alone. Alongside the validation it lets you retrieve useful company information such as:

  • VAT Number validation
    • Validates the VAT Number input.
  • VIES information
    • Retrieve basic information
  • CompanyWeb information
    • Retrieve in-depth information about the company along with a general “health-score”.

How does it work?

Generic setup

We developed this package so that it has out-of-the-box functionality that can be adjusted to your needs. This allows you to use any field you want for VAT validation, even custom objects and fields. 

Using customisable settings you can disable features you don’t want to use. You are free to limit the functionality to for example only the VAT validation if you don’t need the additional information, how neat is that?


Our package consists of 3 main parts. VAT validation, VIES and CompanyWeb. The basic functionality of this package is to validate the input of VAT numbers. It will check the format of the input and other country specific checks. However, this validation does not check if the VAT number actually exists or belong to that specific Account.

This is where the VIES service comes into play. VIES is a service of the European commission which means you can validate VAT numbers for all 27 European member states. During the validation the VIES service will retrieve additional information about the company. This includes whether the VAT number is valid or not, the company name and company address.


Additionally we also provide use of our CompanyWeb connector. This is a paid service but will provide you with tons of extra information about a company, you can never know too much about the people you do business with. You can retrieve a lot more up-to-date information and consult international reports directly integrated into Salesforce. With this service it’s possible to search for legal entities by company name or VAT number. We also provide the ability to refresh the data retrieved from CompanyWeb from inside Salesforce.

Not all data that is stored is pulled inside Salesforce but we provide a link to the live HTML report that contains all the information provided. Changes made to the company information will also be logged. We provide the functionality to automatically daily update your Salesforce accounts with the updated information.

Let’s Recap!

Cloud Innovation’s VAT package offers 3 functionalities. Extensive, in-depth data-enrichment, VAT validation and basic data-enrichment. Only need the VAT validation? No problem! With the managed package you can fit and choose which functionality you need and integrate it in your environment.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will explain everything!