Ecco Products wants to be the best product developer and manufacturer of ecological solutions for water management and landscape maintenance, with a constant focus on quality, innovation, user-friendliness and a top-notch service for their customers. 

They continually analyse the market and keep on pushing the boundaries when it comes to the development of intelligent products. They maintain control over their entire workflow, going from R&D to all the way to Sales, which enables them to apply the highest of quality standards. For the distribution of their products, they rely on a selective network of distributors, active all over Europe. This commercial network is being supported by specialized marketing tools. 

During the last couple of years, Ecco Products has experienced an enormous amount of growth. As you can imagine, this comes with a few challenges. In addition to making a difference with quality products, they also put a lot of effort into the optimization of their sales process. Their growth meant more time had to be spent on the administrative follow-up and less time on the actual sales process. Their legacy software also proved to have some difficulties to scale and support the growing business. These challenges, amongst others, required Ecco to search for a solution.


Enter Salesforce, the cloud-based business platform, poised to replace their custom-built CRM system. The requirements were clear, and so was the desired platform. To face the challenges, only the right implementation was required. That’s when Ecco entrusted this task to Cloud Innovation. 

After thorough due diligence, the following solutions were chosen on the Salesforce platform: 

  • Sales Cloud: The standard functionality of Sales Cloud covering the typical CRM requirements around Account & Contact Management, Opportunity & Pipeline management, Activity management and reporting served as the foundation for their business on the Salesforce platform. These tools really empowered both the sales team and their managers to bring their account management and sales process to the next level. 
  • Visit 360: By leveraging the additional functionality from Cloud Innovation’s Visit 360 accelerator, Ecco was able to elevate their on-site visit processes. Visit 360 helps them to prioritize which account to visit, determine account-specific tasks and objectives, and delivers elaborate reporting possibilities in addition to generating a fully-automated visit report in PDF format. 


Thanks to the great synergy of combing Sales Cloud and Visit 360, Ecco was able to alleviate and simplify a lot of the administrative work for their sales representatives. On top of streamlining the data input process, the Salesforce Lighting UI provided a better overview of all information within the system. To top it all off, all data within Salesforce is also available from any mobile device, which makes such a big difference for representatives on the road. 

Sales follow-up isn’t as much of a time-consuming process anymore. And thanks to Salesforce Reports & Dashboards, all information can be used to keep a good overview of the data and allows for timely interaction when needed. 

Because of Salesforce’s scalability, the platform is perfectly capable to keep supporting Ecco’s growth. Salesforce’s continuous innovation keeps inspiring Ecco to adopt the latest functionalities that become available with each new release, and thus ensures Ecco can keep optimizing their processes as needed. 

Project Approach

By means of joint workshops we were able to get a good understanding of the requirements and the current way of working, which in turn allowed for an implementation that was able to maximize the user-friendliness and adoption of the platform. 

After rigorous testing by Ecco’s Key Users, Cloud Innovation’s coaching sessions were organized to make sure everyone’s feedback was heard. These coaching sessions were not your typical, dull monologues, but engaging, hands-on sessions with a focus on the end user’s daily routine. 

Thanks to a great collaboration and detailed communication, the go-live proved to be very smooth. As you can imagine, this was in no small part the result of thorough testing and great coaching during the project. Even after the go-live Ecco is being supported with additional coaching sessions to review their changing business processes and the fit of new, innovative functionality added with each Salesforce release. 

Big thanks to Ecco Products for the trust they put in Cloud Innovation to guide them throughout this amazing journey.