What we're up against


imec attracts a lot of smb customers as well as corporate companies in the tech market, submitting their projects striving towards digital innovations. The project submissions and follow-up were being handled manually via mail and paper. Salesforce was already implemented, however, we advised to start from scratch to have each employee benefit from the advantages the platform.

What we wanted to attain


imec is a well known business incubator and project submissions are increasing every year. They required a solution which helped them manage projects in a digital and transparent way. This involved keeping up with investors, project amounts and affiliations.

An external website was required to offer a better user experience towards people who were submitting their idea to imec. They needed to be able to see in what stage the project was residing.

What we came up with


Thanks to the project management module that Cloud Innovation implemented, imec is able to handle bigger project volumes in a shorter term which showed an increase in productivity.

Thanks to scheduled reporting and dashboards, imec received better insights into budgets and project statuses. Next to the CRM and Project Management implementation, Cloud Innovation also assisted in linking with a few external systems such as their accountancy software and data warehouse.

imec Community

Next to the revamp of our org and general development and support in Salesforce, Cloud Innovation helped us set up a completely customized front-end partner portal, based on the Salesforce Community. Our partners can submit project proposals, but also report on progress and actuals once the project has been approved. By using Salesforce Community, we moved from a process that was mainly driven by documents and e-mails, to a smooth and user friendly web interface. Cloud Innovation proved to be a valuable sparring partner in the design of new features as well as a useful party for development and support. They contributed to a successful agile process and the collaboration was pleasant and very fruitful for our organisation.

- Raf De Kimpe, Process & Information Analyst