What we're up against


During the past years, ION has faced a strong growth which made the management team realise that they would face significant challenges in the future with the way of working. The management team realised that in order to maintain and improve their quality standards, a professionalisation in business processes was a major requirement.

What we wanted to attain


When looking for a solution, the most important requirement ION had was to have all desired functionalities on one single platform. ION was looking for an integrated platform which could house processes such as CRM, email marketing, invoicing, analytical accounting and project management as well as business development. An interface with Exact Online had to be set up for specific accountancy purposes.

They were aiming for a holistic view of all sales, marketing and project activities which would tie everything together while significantly increasing work efficiency for all departments.

What we came up with


Intensive collaboration was achieved between all different internal parties involved in the IT-implementation project, which lead to a successful go-live.

After the go-live of the initial project (Salesforce and Exact Online), Pardot was implemented to support the sales department in qualifying and generating leads.

Cloud Innovation provided us with a solution for the business requirements put forward by ION and proved to be a solid IT-implementation partner throughout the process and timely delivered a high quality solution within budget.

- Bert Viaene, CFO