What we're up against


Vormingplus was using a custom built CRM solution which didn’t meet the fast growing requirements anymore. There were 11 Vormingplus centers which were due for a new solution that would be dynamic for future changes.

There was quite some manual work to be done since the organisation was working with dated software that contained too many steps for their fast changing environment.

What we wanted to attain


Since they have a wide array of activities, Vormingplus wanted an easy to use solution that would help them with their course management, member management, communication and project management.

New course registrations from their website had to be synced to Salesforce as well as registrations coming from a 3rd party
website. Vormingplus also wanted to see course payments in Salesforce, synced back from their accountancy software, Exact Online.

What we came up with


Cloud Innovation implemented the Salesforce platform which is now being used in all 11 Vormingplus centers. Handling registrations and planning courses or activities is less time consuming which resulted in an increase in productivity for all Vormingplus employees.

Vormingplus also has a clear view on which rooms and locations are booked (along with required materials such as laptop or
beamer) to avoid double reservations due to incorrect availability data.

Our decision to use Salesforce was definitely the right one for our needs and requirements we defined for the 11 centers. Planning, organisation and activity administration are all centralised on one integrated platform without giving up on flexibility. The collaboration with Cloud Innovation was top notch. Having Cloud Innovation as a partner, you can be assured to have a complete, future-proof product within the right time-frame and within budget.

- Emmeline Depoorter, Organisational Manager