Do you entrust the proper follow-up of your customers and service requests to Salesforce? A good choice indeed! With Salesforce Service Cloud you have all the tools at your disposal to give your customers the best support possible.

Maybe you're also taking it a step further by also using Salesforce for planning and sending technicians? Field Service Lightning ensures that the right technicians are sent to the right assignments based on their knowledge, capacity and available time. 

A good service intervention starts with obtaining the correct information from the customer and sending the right technician with the necessary knowledge to carry out the intervention. And that's where the shoe pinches sometimes. The following situations might sound familiar to you:

  • As an expert, you know the ins and outs of all your machinery, but it is often difficult for your customers to explain the exact problem they encounter. What if you could see the issue remotely?
  • A customer has an urgent breakdown with a complicated machine, but you don't have a senior technician available to go on site. What if you could send a less experienced technician, who can be helped remotely by a senior technician? 

Say hello to Visual Remote Assistance

Visual Remote Assistant?

Visual Remote Assistant is an add-on to Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning. It is a collaboration with the company TechSee. 

From a contact or case in Salesforce you can send an invitation by SMS or email, to an end user or one of your colleagues to start a video chat session. The customer or technician receives a link from which they can start a video chat session from their mobile phone. No installation of an app is required, the video chat session starts in the browser of the smartphone.


Remote session

When the customer or technician clicks on the link, the session automatically starts after approval of the terms and conditions. The service desk employee can now watch live through the customer’s or the on-site technician’s smartphone

You can switch between video and photo mode, this latter mode allows the customer or technician on-site to send photos via the session. These photos can be saved and linked to the session history. 

Live annotations on the image can help the customer or technician on site to look for the correct part on the machine. 

Pieces of text can be recognized with the OCR functionality. Handy when the customer shows the model number, for example. The text is displayed legibly and can be copied. 


With the Visual Remote Assistance add-on, you have more insight into the customer's problem, and you can plan more efficient interventions. Or even avoiding an on-site intervention by solving the problem remotely. Resource and cost-efficient!

Difficult to recruit senior technicians? Thanks to Visual Remote Assistant, junior technicians can be sent out while they are supported by senior technicians from a distance.

A win-win for both the customer and your organization.

 More information about Visual Remote Assistant and the licences can be found on this site: